Now a fully qualified recruiter...Kellie sailed through her final exams!

It’s been a long 6 weeks waiting for Kellies results!  However today was the day when the brown envelope fell through the door and Kellie's nervous wait was over!

So pleased to say she passed her final exam with flying colours and she is now a FULLY QUALIFIED RECRUITER! 

I am sure Kellie is now looking forward to a weekend without studying however found the time to tell us "When I started my recruitment exams I wasn’t sure what the next 4 years would bring; it turns out amazing opportunities, confidence, drive, passion and don’t get me wrong a few tears but most definitely the biggest smile I have ever had because I DID IT and passed my exams!!!! I have had the most amazing support from my Director and all of my colleagues and I couldn’t thank them enough. There is no better feeling than knowing that all your hard work paid off but now I can remove the sea of post it notes from my house and begin an amazing journey to becoming a Fellow of the REC. Now to celebrate!!!!"

Cindy Johnson Managing Director is over the moon for Kellie, saying "It makes me really proud to see the hard work, commitment and dedication that has gone into her studies over the past 4 years, and now it has paid off and she has received the recognition she so truly deserves.  I love having team members that take their industry so seriously that they want to become qualified within it, and Kellie is a true ambassador not just for the K2 Recruitment brand but for the industry as a whole.  I think some champagne may be in order.....once all our work is complete of course!"

Well done Kellie - we are all very very proud of you!

Posted: 15th Jun 2018 By: Cindy